One of the things your dentures should do for you is to give you a beautiful smile again. In fact, many people who get dentures are happy to say that they have the best smile of their lives.

But how do you keep dentures always looking beautiful? Here are some tips to keep your dentures as attractive as the day you got them.

Invest in Quality Dentures

Many dentures can look good when you first get them. But one of the major differences between dentists is how long they retain their attractive appearance. Cheap dentures are made with cheap materials, materials that are more vulnerable to staining, chipping, and wear. It can be hard to keep these dentures looking good.

But quality dentures are made of materials that retain their good appearance. Ceramic teeth have a glaze on them that keeps out staining compounds. Unless they get scratched or chipped, they’re essentially immune to staining. And high-density PMMA for the base also resists the penetration of stains, making them highly resistant, too.

Use Them as Intended

Dentures can maintain their attractive appearance for a long time if they’re used properly. Dentures should be kept in your mouth most of the time and should be used only for the normal functions of your teeth: eating, talking, smiling, etc.

Don’t use your dentures as scissors, bottle openers, or other tools. It’s likely to chip, crack, or knock out denture teeth. Depending on what your dentures are made of, you may even have been given a list of foods to avoid. Make sure you follow that list.

Follow Maintenance Guidelines

Proper care and maintenance of your dentures will help keep them looking bright. For removable dentures, it’s typically recommended that you clean them after every meal. At a minimum, you should follow up eating and drinking by rinsing your mouth with water.

Nightly cleaning should be more thorough. Typically, you want to brush your dentures with an approved denture cleaner. Don’t use regular toothpaste, as it is often too abrasive for dentures. It may seem that the abrasiveness will help to remove stains, but it will actually damage the denture, including ceramic teeth, making it easier for stains to penetrate.

When dentures aren’t in your mouth, keep them in liquids, such as water or an approved denture cleaner. If dentures are allowed to dry out, they can warp.

Don’t soak dentures in bleach, as this can discolor them.

Avoid Staining Habits

If you want to keep your dentures bright, avoid habits that can stain them. Coffee consumption can stain dentures, but it’s not a concern if you consume in moderation and rinse your dentures after drinking. The same goes for all foods. Dark-colored foods can stain your dentures, but if you clean your dentures soon after eating,

Bigger concerns are the use of tobacco products. Whether you’re smoking or using smokeless tobacco, the result can be very damaging to your dentures.

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