When you move from your natural teeth to dentures , you’re going to experience many changes, including a reduction in the bite force you can bring to chewing food. This can make it harder for you to bite and chew the foods you enjoy, and you may have to give some of them up.

But you don’t have to simply resign yourself to losing your favorite foods. Here are some of the ways that you can get more bite force so you can bite and chew more foods.

Senior woman enjoying a salad at home

Wait and Practice

It takes a long time to adapt to dentures. You might think you’ve gotten used to your dentures, but you’re probably not fully adapted yet. Studies have shown that people who have had dentures for years are able to bite down more strongly than those who have had them for six months. We realize that it’s hard to be patient after six months of not being able to eat things you enjoy, but it’s necessary.

Also important is to continue practicing your technique. Don’t give up on foods completely, but give them a try periodically to see if you have learned enough to master them. Remember the proper techniques for eating with dentures. First, bite down and swallow to seat your dentures. When you bite foods like sandwiches, make sure you bite all the way through rather than trying to tear the food apart. Sharper denture teeth can help with this. And remember to chew straight up and down, rather than side to side.

Try a Soft Liner

Soft liners are good for many things. Not only do they help your gums heal after surgery or after pain related to a cheap denture , they can improve your bite force. You might think that the cushioning effect of a soft liner would reduce your bite force, but it doesn’t. Instead, it improves the way your dentures fit by allowing them to better conform to your gums. This improves the fit and therefore actually increases your bite force. This is especially true when your bones are undergoing rapid remodeling shortly after your teeth have been removed.

Get Dental Implants

But we have to recognize that the way dentures are made doesn’t really allow for maximum bite force. You will never get optimal bite force as long as the force is coming from dentures sitting on top of your gums. The best solution for improving your bite force is to get implant dentures , which are anchored in your bone like your natural teeth, allowing you to chew more effectively.

With time, you might improve your biting force by about 20%. This isn’t inconsiderable, but it’s nothing compared to dental implants, which can increase your bite force by 200-300% compared to traditional dentures.

You have many options for implant dentures that can improve your bite force. Mini implants can make a significant difference in your ability to chew, but to maximize your bite force we would recommend full-size dental implants.

Snap-on dentures can help, but even these can be dislodged by strong bite forces. To truly maximize your bite force, you need to have permanently affixed implant dentures.

On the other hand, you might do quite well with one of the intermediate solutions. Let’s talk about your goals and limitations like budget, time, and oral health so we can find the optimal implant dentures for you.

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