The common assumption is that people getting dentures are either retired or are close to retirement, but the truth is that many people who getting dentures are nowhere near retiring. And if you’re still working, it’s even more beneficial to get quality dentures. They can help you continue doing great work, possibly the best work of your career. Here’s how.

two businessmen, one old, one younger go over a report on a laptop

Look Younger

Maybe you’ve been told that your job would be better done by somebody younger. Or maybe you’ve just read it in the eyes of people looking at you. Of course, you know better, but you might not get the opportunity to prove it because those in decision-making positions might not want to give it to someone as old as you look.

If you have dentures, they could be making you look older than you are, and certainly older than you feel. With sunken cheeks, folded lips, witch’s chin and other effects of dentures, you may not look like you’re up for the challenge.

But with FOY® Dentures, you can turn back the clock and get a rejuvenated appearance. You’ll see a reduction in jowling , facial folds and wrinkles, and excess skin in the neck. You’ll have better jaw definition and a stronger chin, which will help you show that you are still eager for challenges.

Communicate Better

No matter what you do, your success likely depends on how well you can communicate with others. You can do some of this with email or texts, but in the end there’s no substitute for talking to someone, either in person or on the phone.

Since cheap dentures can interfere with your speech, they can become a major obstacle. You may not be able to make yourself clearly understood, especially if you’re speaking to a crowd. You want to make sure you’re understood–and you don’t want to send your dentures flying across the board room or auditorium.

Dentures with better fit can improve your ability to speak, and implant dentures are so secure that they’re not likely to come out.

Get around Easier

Although work tends to be more sedentary than in the past, the odds are that you don’t spend your entire day at your desk. Whether you’re rushing to a meeting or trying to conduct business over a round of golf, you’ll appreciate the difference good dentures can make.

That’s because how well your teeth fit together can actually affect your ability to walk, run, and swing a golf club. If you’ve noticed the change in your ability to be physically active since you got your dentures, high quality dentures may be able to restore your ability to be keep up.

Be More Confident

Perhaps the biggest impact of dentures is on your self-confidence. When you know that your dentures are unattractive, that they can slip out of place, and that they make it hard for you to speak clearly, you’re going to have a harder time selling yourself, let alone any product you may be trying to push.

Not believing in yourself can make all your work harder–you’re more likely to give up when you meet challenges instead of pushing through and achieving your goal.

But with quality dentures like FOY ® Dentures, you’ll have the confidence you need. You’ll know that your dentures look great and that they are helping you look great and make yourself clearly understood. You’ll find it easier to believe in yourself.

Be More Social

You know how much work gets done over lunch. We’re not just talking about formal client lunches, but also just the social outings with coworkers. But once you get dentures, you might find it harder to participate in these lunches. Maybe you’re afraid of what might be on the menu. Maybe you’re tired of trying to be understood over a crowd. Maybe you worry that close conversation will reveal your dentures. But whatever the reason, you’re missing out on important work.

With FOY ® Dentures, you can have the confidence to go to all the lunches and never worry about the menu, the conversation, or the appearance of your dentures.

Do Great Things in Dentures

There are many kinds of dentures out there. Most are made for people who are just looking to pass the time. But FOY ® Dentures are made for people who want to do more than just pass the time, people who know that the best years of their life may still be ahead of them.

If you are looking for dentures that can help you continue to be and do your best, please call (803) 781-9090 today for an appointment with a Columbia, SC denture dentist at Smile Columbia Dentistry.