A new market report has concluded that more Americans are looking for dentures in 2018, as part of a trend of growing denture demand that is expected to continue for the next seven years.

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Aging Population Leads to Increased Demand

The market report focuses on the key trend of an aging population as the driving force behind market growth in dentures. Based on the aging population, one source estimates the edentulous population is expected to grow by about 35% over the forecast period. However, the American College of Prosthodontists (ACP) forecasts a much bigger growth curve. They forecast that the edentulous population will grow from about 36 million people to about 200 million people in the US over the next 15 years, a total growth of 455%, about 12% per year. By that rate, the population would grow by 149% during the projected period.

Even the lower forecast seems hard to accept. Neither source seems to be accounting for the dramatic changes in tooth loss among the population. Based on that trend, other sources have said that edentulousness will actually decline so that by 2050, there will actually be 30% fewer edentulous people than in 2010. Of course, that latter report is looking after the death of most people who are currently looking for dentures. It’s hard to know exactly how these two trends will intersect, and exactly what the denture demand will be in the future.

Most likely, denture demand will increase modestly.

Barriers to Denture Wear

However, the market report notes that there are many challenges standing in the way of people getting dentures. For example, many people don’t get dentures because they can’t afford them. This is likely to be an increased challenge in the future.

One problem people face is that dentures aren’t covered by Medicare, so people relying on that health insurance are less likely to get dentures. Unfortunately, the people that are most likely to need dentures in the future are those who are least able to pay for them. Tooth loss rates have decreased most significantly among upper-income individuals, with lower-income individuals lagging behind with higher tooth loss and higher edentulous rates.

People also avoid dentures because dentures have a bad reputation. People dislike the thought of getting their teeth removed, and they are afraid that dentures won’t give them good results. Traditional dentures have the reputation of being unattractive, uncomfortable, and not very functional.

Although this is justified, especially for cheap dentures, modern dentures offer better results that make dentures more attractive. Implant dentures are more secure. And high-quality dentures like FOY ® Dentures both look more natural and fit better. As people come to understand these denture options and see the value of the investment in quality dentures, demand will increase. Currently, implant dentures only account for about 12% of full dentures, but this is expected to increase in the future.

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