The problem with cheap dentures is that they are always made cheap by cutting corners. Something gets made cheaply by sacrificing quality in some way. And people generally understand that when it comes to dentures, you get what you pay for.

A glass cup filled with water and a set of cheap dentures

When it comes to selling these dentures, the challenge is trying to convince people that they aren’t just cheap. To do this, people use many euphemisms to try to gloss over the dentures’ shortcomings.

But no matter what they say, these cheap dentures are actually very expensive.

Affordable Dentures

People like to call something “affordable” to hide that it’s cheap, but this doesn’t make any sense. Being affordable doesn’t have to do with the price of the denture, but with the budget and priorities of the person doing the buying. What’s affordable for one person might not be for another. And two people with the same budget looking at dentures with the same price might have different opinions about what’s “affordable.” In both cases, the dentures technically fit in the budget, but for one person, the dentures aren’t a priority, so they’re not affordable, while the person who makes dentures a priority finds them affordable.

And with financing options, quality dentures are affordable for people of almost any income, as long as they make it a priority.

Inexpensive Dentures

When people call something “inexpensive” they want to contrast it against things that are expensive. Nobody wants to buy something that’s expensive–that’s bad. So, inexpensive must be good, right?

The problem is that when someone is asking you to look just at the price tag, it’s because they’re hoping you won’t notice problems with the quality of the product. They want you to focus on the dentures’ only selling point: their low price.

Value Dentures

This is the most ironic name for cheap dentures. When people advertise “value dentures,” they want you to think that you’re getting more for your money than you’d be getting if you bought expensive dentures. The problem is that when you factor in the hidden costs of economy dentures, you realize that you’re paying much more than you want for these low-quality dentures.

After all, what’s the benefit of buying dentures that don’t work and you can’t use? Even if you can get a refund, it’s often more trouble than it’s worth.

How We Describe Cheap Dentures

People tasked with selling cheap dentures have a hard job, so we don’t blame them for taking a few liberties with the language. Hopefully, they won’t blame us when we try to describe their dentures as we see them: second-rate, shoddy dentures that shouldn’t be inflicted on anyone.

But if you’re looking for quality dentures in Columbia, SC, we can help you there.

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