If you’re considering dentures, you know that your dentures affect the appearance of your smile. You want dentures that give you a beautiful, natural-looking smile. But did you know that dentures can also affect your facial appearance? It’s true. That’s part of the secret behind FOY ® Dentures: they use the proper fit of dentures to rejuvenate your facial appearance.

Here’s how dentures can impact the shape and appearance of your face.

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Denture Height

Your natural teeth and jaws provide shape and structure for the lower third of your face. Your skin, muscles, tendons, fat, and other soft tissues develop around this bony framework. So as your teeth get lost and your jawbone shrinks with age, it contributes to the aging process in your facial appearance.

Dentures are supposed to completely replace the lost height of your jawbone and teeth. But they often don’t fully measure up, which can make your cheeks sag, and can cause you to have extra skin around your mouth, leading to a perpetually sad appearance and making it hard for you to smile.

Denture Width

It’s not just the height of your teeth that dentures have to replace, it’s the width, too. Dentures have to fit over your jawbone, so they can’t be too small. However, they can be too large, and dentists have a tendency to err in this direction, especially when fitting you with economy dentures that are pre-sized.

This can make your face puff out around the upper and lower arch. When combined with dentures that are too short, the result can be changing your face to make it more short and squat.

Denture Teeth Placement

But it’s not just the size of the dentures that matter, it’s the placement of the teeth in the denture. Because dentures are often a bit unstable, dentists can try to improve stability by placing the teeth further back on the denture, so the arch of teeth is narrower than the base. This can increase stability, but it can also impact your appearance.

A wide base and narrow teeth creates a sunken appearance in the region of the cheeks and lips. The lips may look thin and may even fold inward. The cheeks can gain a hummocky appearance as the skin undulates over the wide base and narrow teeth arches.

Dentures That Are Expertly Fitted

The good news is that all of these impacts can be not only avoided, they can be turned around. Properly fitted dentures emulate the proper height and width of your teeth, restoring the youthful proportions of your face. When the dentures are stable, the teeth can be placed in a more natural position, leading to more fullness in the face.

The overall impact of better fitted dentures is a healthier, younger appearance. And that’s what you get with FOY® Dentures.

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