Many people wear dentures for years without problems, then, suddenly, they can find that they are experiencing the entire slate of denture complaints, from pain to poor function to embarrassment. There are several potential reasons for this.

Elderly woman looking concerned while taking a walk

Bone Loss Changes Fit

One of the most common reasons why people experience problems with their dentures is the loss of bone from the jaw. Bone loss can occur gradually over time. For a while you might be able to retain your dentures and may not see the change, but at a certain point you might notice a sudden difference. Your dentures might seem to not fit in place at all anymore, and nothing you try can get them to stay.

Soft Tissue Changes Can Affect Function

Your lips, tongue, cheeks, and jaw muscles all help your dentures stay in place, but, even more importantly they help the denture function as replacement teeth. Over time, you might notice that they aren’t working as well as they used to.

Truthfully, one of the changes you will notice is because your soft tissues are actually not changing. As you lose bone, the shape and size of your face will change. But because your lips and cheeks and jaw muscles retain their former lengths, they can begin to look saggy in your jowls or under your jaw. Your lips may fold inward. This not only makes for an unattractive appearance, but it also can cause spitting as your lips are being constantly moistened and can’t function as they should to hold liquid in.

Your muscles may also lose tone. Since your muscles are supposed to be helping to hold your dentures in place, this can lead to more slipping dentures, and, combined with the loss of bony support, you might just feel that your dentures don’t fit at all anymore.

Better Dentures Can Usually Help

Whether your problem is a loss of bone or the resulting changes in your soft tissue, better dentures can make a significant improvement. Implants can help hold dentures in place despite changes in bone and muscle.

The Denture Fountain of Youth ® can help replace lost bone so that your face will appear closer to its youthful proportion. This will keep your lips from folding in and can improve function.

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