Appearance hasn’t always been a primary goal in designing dentures. For many dentists–and even denture patients–appearance is secondary. At least something is better than nothing, right?

But these days, we understand that dentures can and should be as attractive as natural smiles. Luxury dentures like FOY® Dentures are capable of achieving that goal. Not only that, but they can be customized to a great degree. You can essentially choose your smile with this type of denture. But how do you make sure that the smile you choose is the smile you get? Clear communication is key to achieving the appearance goals for your dentures. Here’s how to make sure your dentist gets the message.

Dentist and a woman shaking hands

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

A visual aid is always helpful when you’re dealing with appearances. Language often fails to convey the exact message between people talking about aesthetics. So bring a picture and your dentist will automatically understand.

If you were happy with your smile when you were younger, bring a picture from that time. Then your dentist will be able to replicate that smile.

But what if you’ve never been happy with your smile? In that case, you can bring in a picture of a celebrity whose smile you really like. Just remember: the smile is more than just the teeth. With differences in facial proportions and lips, it’s probably impossible to exactly replicate the star’s smile. But it will give you and your denture dentist a great starting point to work from.

Always Speak up If Something Bothers You

Dentists are very skilled professionals, but one thing they’re not is mind readers. Dentists don’t know how you feel if you don’t tell them.

You’re the only one who knows what you like and what you want, so if you notice something’s wrong, it’s up to you to mention it. Whether you’re in the planning phase, the impression phase, the try-in phase, or any other time, it’s important to make sure your dentist knows when you’re unhappy with something. The sooner you mention it, the better. It’s a lot easier to make corrections at the planning phase than during try-in. And if you don’t mention problems at the try-in, they’ll be built into the final denture. And then it’s really hard to make corrections.

Don’t Forget Facial Aesthetics

A common misconception is that dentures only affect the appearance of your smile, but this isn’t true. Dentures can have a big impact on the appearance of your face, for good or for ill. With cheap dentures, it’s most often for ill: they can lead to sunken lips and cheeks.

But with FOY ® Dentures, you can achieve dramatic facial rejuvenation. You just need to make sure that the rejuvenated appearance is to your liking. Don’t forget to consider facial appearance during planning and try-in appointments. That way, you’re most likely to be pleased with your final results.

Get the Best Cosmetic Dentures

And, of course, if you’re considering cosmetic dentures, it’s important to work with a dentist who is capable of creating these dentures for you. In Columbia, SC, the only FOY® Dentures dentists are here at Smile Columbia Dentistry. We look forward to helping you get the beautiful dentures you are dreaming of. Please call  (803) 781-9090 today for an appointment.