According to a new market report released by iData , cheap dentures are taking over a larger and larger share of the denture market. This may be due in part to improved quality of cheap dentures, as the report states, but it’s likely also influenced by continuing lack of consumer confidence.

A dentist cleaning a set of dentures with a tool

Overall Growth,with Dental Chains Leading

The report notes that, overall, the denture market is growing. This is partly due to innovative products, such as the flexible partial denture, and probably even to some extent the introduction of more high-end dentures like FOY ® Dentures. But it’s also partly due to the aging of the population, which, for the foreseeable future, will continue to expand denture demand, although ultimately denture demand may begin decreasing.

The market is still considered fragmentary, with regional providers still dominating the market. However, dental chains like Aspen Dental, Affordable Dentures, and Smile Brands are all beginning to make their presence felt. These providers of economy dentures are rapidly expanding their access into denture markets across the country. Because they manufacture their own dentures, they are displacing some of the larger dental laboratory chains.

Why Cheap Dentures Are Expanding

So why are we seeing the move toward more cheap dentures? It can really be put down to three factors. First, as the article states, cheap dentures are improving. This is the result of changes in dental technology that equally improve both economy and quality dentures.

However, economy dentures are largely as unattractive as ever. Much of the benefit of new technologies has been directed toward reducing cost, with many denture chains continuing to offer a limited number of sizes of dentures and not customizing the dentures for patients.

An even more important factor for the continued growth of inexpensive dentures is continued uncertainty about the economy. When people are unemployed, or feel they are facing the threat of unemployment, they are less likely to invest in expensive dentures.

But another major factor is that people just don’t know enough about dentures. Many people believe that all dentures are the same, and that it’s just not worth it to invest in quality dentures. If people would realize how good of an investment quality dentures are, they would probably be more likely to choose them over cheap dentures.

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