There are plenty of reasons why affordable dentures don’t make people happy. Of course, there are the problems of denture pain, poor fit, slipping, and being unable to eat the foods you want. But there’s also the big problem that cheap dentures just don’t look very good. And it’s not as if there’s only one reason why they don’t look good–it’s typically the result of many cosmetic problems. Here are some of the more easily spottable problems with cheap dentures.

A set of cheap dentures

Unnatural-Looking Materials

One of the biggest reasons why affordable dentures look cheap is that they’re made of the cheapest materials possible. They’re completely plastic, which means that your teeth look plastic. They’re also made of the same material as the gums, so that, although the material is dyed differently, the surface quality is the same, which looks unnatural.

Not Customized

Another major problem with affordable dentures is that they’re just not customized at all for you. Even if the base is shaped to match your mouth, the teeth are typically just the standard “too-perfect” regular white teeth.

Even if you’re not interested in getting dentures that look exactly like your natural smile, there are a lot of benefits to customization you might want to consider. First, teeth that are too regular look more fake. Also, the teeth in cheap dentures are often too masculine–they don’t look right in a woman’s smile. The teeth may also be too large for your smile, which can make them stand out, and not in a good way.

Customized teeth fit your facial appearance and make your smile look more natural.


The poor fit of cheap dentures isn’t just something you feel–it’s usually something everyone can see. If your dentures don’t fit properly, the midline of your smile may be off to the side, ruining the symmetry–and beauty–of your face. Poorly fitting dentures may also tilt to one side or the other. This not only makes your smile look crooked, it can make your face look crooked, even when you’re not smiling.

When it comes to getting an attractive smile with dentures, it can be done, but cheap dentures aren’t likely to do it. If you’re looking for attractive dentures, we can help. Please call (803) 781-9090 for an appointment with a Columbia, SC denture dentist at Smile Columbia Dentistry.