Many people have difficulty eating the foods they used to enjoy before they had dentures. The problem, they think, is that their dentures are just not sharp enough. If only they could be sharpened by a Columbia SC dentist, it would solve their problems.

Unfortunately, in most cases, dentures can’t be sharpened, nor would it benefit if they could, because it’s not really the sharpness of your teeth that make it hard to eat with dentures.

Red haired woman having teeth inspected by dentist

Sharpening Denture Teeth

Many dentures have plastic teeth. These plastic teeth can quickly get worn down, causing them to become dull. This can make it difficult for a person to eat, but sharpening your dentures is not the answer.

Sharpening denture teeth would create a sharp edge again. But imaging it’s a plastic knife you’re sharpening, and not teeth. How long is it going to hold that edge? And what’s happening to the knife? Unlike a metal knife that can be sharpened without losing much metal, a plastic knife will grow visibly smaller with each sharpening, and will eventually be much smaller than it used to be.

This would happen with your dentures, causing them to shrink into a much worse fit.

Bite Force Is the Real Problem

But it isn’t the sharpness of your teeth that is the real problem in eating, it’s the amount of force you can put on those teeth. A knife edge concentrates force, but you still need to put force behind it to make it cut (especially if it’s a plastic knife!). This is what drives teeth together to cut through foods.

Unfortunately, dentures significantly reduce your ability to bite with force. Your teeth are anchored in your bone, but traditional dentures just sit on top of the gums. Your gums can’t drive teeth with the same force that bones can, and if you try, it gets quite uncomfortable.

Better Dentures for More Bite

Fortunately, there are dentures that address these problems. You don’t have to have plastic teeth in your dentures. Advanced ceramic teeth can be used instead. These not only look more like natural teeth–they can hold and maintain an edge much better than plastic teeth so they won’t wear out as fast.

And to get you a more forceful bite, we have two options. First, there’s the Denture Fountain of Youth ® , which uses neuromuscular fitting to ensure your dentures are optimally positioned to support a healthy, strong bite. Second, implant dentures allow you to have dentures that are supported in the bone so you can achieve bite force very similar to what you had with your natural teeth. And the two can be combined for maximum effect.

If you are tired of dealing with dull dentures that don’t let you eat the foods you enjoy, please call (803) 781-9090 for an appointment with a denture dentist at Smile Columbia Dentistry.