Before we can answer this question, we have to ask another: what kind of dentures are you getting? Because what you can expect from dentures depends heavily on what kind of dentures you’re getting. These days, not all dentures are the same, and if you’re considering some dentures, then it’s definitely time to start steeling yourself against disappointment. But for other dentures, you’ll probably be delighted with what you get.

Reasonable Expectations for Economy Dentures

If you’re getting your dentures at any place that is marketing them primarily on the basis of low cost or that they can get done in a single visit, it’s time to lower your expectations. Because basically what you can expect is that economy dentures will fit in your mouth (though, if you’re unlucky in the sizing, it might be just barely), and that it will have pinkish or brownish material for the base and white material for the teeth. If you were to take these dentures out and put them next to a set of chattering teeth from a joke shop, they’ll probably look more realistic than that (but, again, maybe just barely). Don’t expect them to be comfortable. And don’t expect to be able to eat very much with them. Many people with economy dentures find it’s easier to eat without them. They’ll frequently slip out of place, and you’ll need frequent relinings. They probably won’t last.

Reasonable Expectations for Traditional Dentures

Traditional dentures are going to be better than your economy dentures. These will likely fit in your mouth quite well, and it’s reasonable to expect that these will be comfortable, at least in the beginning, and if you don’t wear them for too long. They may have higher quality teeth, and maybe even some customization is available. They’ll look reasonably natural in your mouth, though a close talker might be able to tell the difference.

Traditional dentures will be capable of chewing a wider range of food, but be prepared to limit your diet, still. There are a few things you’ll have to give up. They’ll stay in place most of the time, and it’s only rarely that they’ll slip out of place. You won’t have to get them relined as much as economy dentures.

Traditional dentures will tend to make you look older, and they can cause soreness in your jaw.

Reasonable Expectations for Implant Dentures

Implant dentures are secured to your jawbone using dental implants. This allows them to improve your ability to chew, giving you access to virtually all the foods you enjoyed with your natural teeth. They won’t slip out at all. Depending on the design and fit of your implant dentures, they might never need to be relined.

Reasonable Expectations for the Denture Fountain of Youth®

If you get the The Denture Fountain of Youth®, you can expect that your dentures will have a fit not only to your gums or to your mouth, but to your bite as well. This can make it more comfortable to chew with your dentures, and even more comfortable to wear them for an extended period of time, though it’s still not advised that you sleep in them.

These dentures are made out of the best materials available and using the best techniques, making them the most realistic dentures available.

And, when combined with dental implants, they will give you the best biting force, allowing you to eat more foods comfortably, almost as you did with your natural teeth.

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