When you think of dentures , you probably think you have to take them out at night or other times for a soak. That’s what items like the Denture Vault are for, right?

But with hybrid dentures or other types of fixed dentures, you can wear your dentures all the time. And enjoy many benefits as a result.

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You Won’t Drop Your Dentures and Break Them

People with removable dentures have to take them out regularly. Sometimes for cleaning, or, if they have poorly fitted dentures, because they’re uncomfortable or don’t work for eating.

Every time you take your dentures out, there’s a chance that you’ll drop them and then they’ll break. But if you keep them securely in your mouth, only removing them once in awhile at the dentist’s office, you’re less likely to break them.

Avoid TMJ-Related Pains

TMJ (sometimes called TMD or TMJD) is temporomandibular joint disorder, and many denture wearers develop the condition. That’s because it occurs when your jaw isn’t in a natural, healthy position.

What’s a natural and healthy position for your jaw? One defined by your natural, healthy teeth. If you have removable dentures, you spend a significant portion of your day without your dentures in, which means your jaw can be in an unhealthy position, contributing to jaw pain, headaches, and other symptoms.

But with neuromuscular dentures that aren’t removable, your jaw will always be at a healthy position and you’ll be less likely to develop TMJ.

Sleep Better

Another aspect of healthy jaw position is one that keeps your airway open at night. If you take out your dentures, your jaw isn’t in a position to support the soft tissue of your airway, which then collapses when your muscles relax at night. This cuts off your air supply and causes a condition known as sleep apnea, where intermittent oxygen shortages cause you to wake up over and over at night, even if you’re not aware of it. This goes beyond just feeling groggy in the morning–it can lead to serious increases in your heart attack and stroke risk.

But keeping your dentures in at night means you have teeth to help your jaw stay in place and your airway stay open.

Better Chewing

Remember, not all implant dentures are fully supported dentures. But if you opt for dentures that are fully fixed, then you’re opting for dentures that are also fully supported, which makes it easier to eat all the foods you want, including steak.

Smiles Midnight and Morning

What do you do when you are lying beside the love of your life and they smile at you? Your first instinct is to smile back, and you should be free to do that, not feel like you have to reach over and get your dentures first. And the same goes for the very early morning when the first rays of dawn are just filtering in–you should be able to smile as your happiness dictates. And, of course, it can make kissing easier, too.

Your Teeth Shouldn’t Be in a Jar

Where do your teeth really belong? In your mouth. And if your dentures aren’t there for much of the day, then they’re not really doing a good job of replacing your natural teeth. You shouldn’t have to find hiding places for your dentures–they should just naturally be in your mouth all the time.

They Will Feel More a Part of You

And having your dentures in all the time will help with another problem people sometimes have with dentures. They get what is called a “foreign object” sensation in their mouth. The dentures aren’t part of them, and they make them want to gag or salivate excessively.

But having your dentures fixed permanently in your mouth can help overcome that by helping you feel that your dentures really are a part of you.

What Kind of Dentures Do You Want?

There are many different types of dentures available, and not all types are good for all people. Although we can see many advantages of fully fixed dentures, they may not be right for you, and we can help you decide that and identify which is the best type of dentures for you.

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