Are you looking for attractive dentures? It’s not as easy as you might think. The truth is that not all people making dentures are trying to make them attractive. Some people are just trying to make dentures cheap.  So if you want to get attractive dentures, you have to know what to look for that will make the difference in the appearance of your dentures.

Here are seven things to consider that can separate attractive and unattractive dentures.


You want to make sure the color of the dentures is right. This includes the teeth and the gums. Cheap, unattractive dentures are made with simple white teeth, but this isn’t the way natural teeth look at all. More attractive dentures have a white that isn’t just like white paint or white plastic, it’s like naturally white teeth.

The color of the gums is also important. They need to be a natural color for you, not just the default pink that many dentures come in.


The color isn’t all that matters when it comes to the appearance of your dentures. They have to have the proper luster. Luster is the way that light is reflected, refracted, or absorbed by a material. Plastic absorbs and reflects light in a way that makes it look very flat, and it can give away dentures.

Ceramics have a luster more like natural teeth. They affect light in all three ways, giving a sense of depth to the surface and creating a richer appearance. That’s why ceramic teeth are a great choice if you are looking for attractive dentures.


It’s also important to get good contrast between the gums and teeth in your dentures. Contrast, ideally, should be both in the color of the teeth and gums as well as the luster. That means the teeth and gums in dentures should be made of different materials to reflect the natural contrast between your natural teeth and gums.


Many dentures are made with teeth that are all the same length. This makes sense for cheap dentures that aren’t stable when you chew: even teeth work best for the simple chewing motions that dentures accommodate. But they’re not attractive, especially for young people.

More attractive dentures have teeth that are proportional. These teeth reflect a more natural, youthful, and beautiful appearance for your smile.


Some dentures will give you proportional teeth, but it’s the same proportions as everyone else who gets those dentures. There is no sense that it’s important for each person to have their own smile.

But if you’re looking for truly attractive dentures, you want ones that can be made for you personally. They should be able to have each tooth individually chosen to reflect your desired appearance. They can even have small imperfections built in that give the smile character, possibly even reflect the appearance of your natural smile.


You might think stability only matters for the function of the denture, but it’s also critical to the appearance. If your dentures don’t stay in place, how can you be confident of how they’ll look when you smile?

Dentures need to be stable so that when you talk, laugh, or smile, they are always right where they’re supposed to be. FOY ® Dentures have great stability, though implant dentures can be even more stable.


Stable dentures will always be where they were designed to be. But if that position isn’t an attractive one for your dentures, then it may not make your dentures look good.

Dentures have to be positioned properly in the mouth to give the proper appearance both when you’re smiling and when you’re not.

Are You Looking for Attractive Dentures?

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