Nobody wants to replace their dentures. Getting dentures in the first place is enough of an ordeal, and few of us are happy with our eventual dentures that splashing out for replacement dentures is about the least appealing expense most of us can imagine.

However, it’s unfortunately easy to damage your dentures. Here are things you don’t want to do if you want your dentures to last.

Traditional dentures sitting in a glass cup

Drop Them

Dentures are generally pretty sturdy in your mouth (but not unbreakable, see below), but they’re not strong overall. If you drop dentures, they are likely to break. They can break even in the short fall into the sink when you’re cleaning them. So protect your dentures from dropping by only taking them out for cleaning and not putting them down on the counter or table during the day.

And when you do have your dentures out to clean, fill the sink with water or place a towel in the basin to cushion dentures in case you drop them.

Bleach Them

Are your denture teeth getting discolored? You might think bleaching is a great way to brighten your smile. But this isn’t good for your dentures. Sure, it can remove stains and sterilize dentures, but it can also remove color from the gums of the denture. Plus, bleach that stays on the denture can irritate your gums. And if you have partial dentures with metal parts, the bleach can corrode and destroy them.

Wear Poorly Fitting Dentures

Remember when we said that dentures are pretty strong in your mouth? That’s generally true, if your dentures fit right. Properly fitted dentures balance the forces of biting and chewing to protect your dentures.

But if your dentures aren’t properly fitted, they can be damaged just by wearing them. Improperly fitted dentures experience imbalanced forces, and sometimes they can be levered in a way that will break them in half just from normal chewing. Even if they don’t break right away, these dentures can wear out more quickly and need replacing sooner.

Don’t Clean Them Properly

Not properly cleaning your dentures can lead to problems. First, it can make it more likely that you’ll develop thrush, which can irritate your gums and make it impossible to wear your dentures for a while. Poorly cleaned dentures can acquire stains and odors that might make you not want to wear them.

Plus, if your dentures are dirty and smell like food, they’re more likely to be stolen by dogs or even birds.

Let Them Dry Out

Dentures are supposed to be in your mouth most of the time. If you take your dentures out and leave them on the table or counter, they can dry out. When this happens, your dentures can warp. This can sometimes make them unwearable. Or maybe it will just make them fit poorly. Then that can make them break.

More Comfortable, Durable Dentures

If you are looking for dentures that last, we offer higher-quality dentures that help you avoid many of these common mistakes. FOY® Dentures have a base made from high-density PMMA, which is stronger and more fracture resistant than typical dentures. Don’t test it, but if accidents happen, they’re more likely to survive. The denture base is also more resistant to stains and odors.

Speaking of stains, the denture teeth are made of ceramic, so they’re highly stain resistant–like veneers. You are unlikely to need or want to bleach your dentures.

The superb fit of these dentures means that it’s easier to wear them all day so you’re less likely to drop them or let them dry out. In addition, the forces are perfectly balanced, minimizing wear and the risk of breakage.

Would you like to learn more about how durable these advanced dentures can be? Please call (803) 781-9090 today for an appointment with a Columbia, SC denture dentist at Smile Columbia Dentistry.