It’s common to think that getting dental implants will solve all the problems you have with your dentures. And they certainly can, but they don’t always.

Many times, implant dentures aren’t designed to resolve all your denture problems, and that can lead to complaints because you thought these problems would be resolved. Here are four common complaints we hear.

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My Denture Hurts

Denture pain is pretty common in people who have traditional dentures. It’s one reason why people often take their dentures out and then lose or break them. When people get dental implants, they often expect this pain to go away, but sometimes it doesn’t.

Denture pain often relates to the simple fact that your dentures rest on your gums, which aren’t capable of providing good support under biting force. Here’s a secret your dentist might not have told you: implant dentures often still sit on your gums. This is often true of what are called “snap-in” implant dentures. Sometimes implant dentures can even make pain worse. Dentures that are loose can move around when you bite down. Implant dentures are held in place so they are always putting pressure on the same sore spots, which can make them very uncomfortable to wear.

However, it doesn’t have to be the case. Implant supported dentures bear the full force of biting in the jaw bone, which can take the force without getting hurt.

My Dentures Are Loose

When we talk about implant dentures, we often imply that they’ll be firmly fixed in your mouth, just like natural teeth. And they can be, but they aren’t always.

We already mentioned “snap-in” implant dentures. These are often designed with a minimum number of dental implants to hold them in place. This can make them secure, but changes in your jaw can still affect your dentures/why-dont-my-dentures-fit-anymore’}}}}. You might need to get your dentures relined regularly to maintain fit.

In addition, the connection between the denture and the implants can wear out, which will make your dentures feel more loose over time. If relines aren’t working to keep your dentures secure, it might be time to replace the denture–and the connectors.

In addition, you can consider getting more secure implant dentures–what are known as hybrid dentures. There are securely fixed in your mouth, just like natural teeth.

My Dentures Don’t Fit

Fitting dentures is still largely the same process whether you’re getting dental implants or not. The truth is that many dentists may use advanced digital systems to place the dental implants, then use an outdated, unscientific approach to fitting the denture.

The result can be implant dentures that fit with your dental implants, but don’t fit properly in your mouth.

Your dentures might feel tight in your mouth, or maybe they click when you talk. You might also find that wearing your dentures gives you a sore jaw or other TMJ symptoms.

Poor denture fit can also contribute to denture pain. Improving denture fit can reduce or eliminate your discomfort.

My Dentures Are Unattractive

Implant dentures can absolutely look beautiful, but they have to be designed that way. Unfortunately, not all dentists take the time to do that. Or maybe they’re cutting corners to save costs and increase profits. Either way, the result can be a denture that doesn’t look natural, looks cheap, or just doesn’t look like your smile.

Fortunately, modern implant dentures can be designed to look just like your natural teeth. They can be made in natural proportions, and customized to either the smile of your dreams, or the smile of your youth. FOY ® Dentures are designed using the latest techniques and materials in cosmetic dentistry, and we can utilize those principles when designing  your implant dentures.

Get Dentures You’ll Love

Are you tired of the limitations of your current implant dentures? Don’t let your dentures limit you! Enjoy the best smile of your life with implant dentures.

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